Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pancit plus japs...

oh my gosh! u're so kadiri.. showing a half naked photo to a guy who's commited / someone u kno? oh my! u're really a slut.. no doubt!
showing ur flesh and some part of your chest? haha.. and still u can't accept that I called u a flirt? well, what do u want me to call u? a whore? a bitch? a prostitue? or a slut?
that's so ridiculous..

and 'bout the other girl... im happy to know that u've changed already... and u've decided to join a pageant.. but i wish.. u've really changed for the better.... claiming that someone and u had something.. didn't worked out so ended it? haha... that's so funny... u know what? I don't know whats wrong w/ u girls..... and still. up to now... u're really claiming that shit? duh?

know what? i asked the guy and said: she's not my type and i'd never kiss those kinds of girls... yeah! that's so ungentleman but u bitches deserve those words...

u girls are so ridiculous