Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pancit plus japs...

oh my gosh! u're so kadiri.. showing a half naked photo to a guy who's commited / someone u kno? oh my! u're really a slut.. no doubt!
showing ur flesh and some part of your chest? haha.. and still u can't accept that I called u a flirt? well, what do u want me to call u? a whore? a bitch? a prostitue? or a slut?
that's so ridiculous..

and 'bout the other girl... im happy to know that u've changed already... and u've decided to join a pageant.. but i wish.. u've really changed for the better.... claiming that someone and u had something.. didn't worked out so ended it? haha... that's so funny... u know what? I don't know whats wrong w/ u girls..... and still. up to now... u're really claiming that shit? duh?

know what? i asked the guy and said: she's not my type and i'd never kiss those kinds of girls... yeah! that's so ungentleman but u bitches deserve those words...

u girls are so ridiculous

Friday, February 12, 2010


Kasalanan ba ng tao kung ano ang meron siya?
bakit kailangan ng ibang sabihin ang mga bagay na : ang hirap sayo, nasayo na lahat, hindi mo naranasan maghirap dahil anak mayaman ka! kasalanan ba ng tao na nakalakihan ang ganung pamumuhay?

at bakit my mga taong hindi marunung makuntento.. hindi masamang mangarap at mag ambisyon..pero kung makakasakit na sa ibang tao? hindi parin ba masama yon?

paulit-ulit kong tinatanong sa sarili ko, normal ba na ginagawa ng magkaibigan ang maghawak kamay? magpahatid? o magpasundo? sa lalaking alam niyang my ibang mahal? normal din ba na magpanggap na inosente at malinis para lang makuha ang bagay na matagal mo ng kinaiinggitan sa iba?

ganoon ba kadumi ang laro?

:I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. It's hard to be with someone who gives u shit and lies. It's hard to trust someone who kills u. and it's hard to be friends and be nice to someone who wants to get everything u have.... I don't know... are u just friendly? ambitious? or maybe...u're just really a flirt girl.. slut and biatch.. I so hate you great pretender... Gold digger

Saturday, January 23, 2010

nice thought ;)

don't go for someone who can drive u anywhere u want to go. but go for someone who can drive u crazy everytime u're with him/ her...

don't go for someone who buys u expensive gifts, but go for someone who can give u priceless gifts ...

don't go for someone who just wipes your tears away, but go for someone who can laugh out loud w/ u and cry w/ u...

learn to live simple....

the best things in world are free ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My world slows down but heart beats fast everytime I try to open my eyes
I don't know why I feel like im being poisoned
why do you have to tell me those crap?
Do u know how I feel?
It's like a poison that takes my breath away...
Well, How can we start something nice if we're surrounded with lies?
no more lies... no more love... no more goodbyes...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

swirly blits

life is a big party when you're young....
it may look cool to live in a nice place.
It may sound cool if u can afford to get all the things u want
and some people may even judge u that u don't need to work hard for something..
some may even say mean words...
but they don't know that behind the glamour and fame...
u're just like a parrot... living in a cage....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Im done. I said i'm so free....
Free to do things on my own.
Free to live and love
Free to experience life.
I guess, I've learned my lesson..
I really need to make a choice...
If I was only brave enough to give you up before....
I might be happier now..
MAGIC gave me the world
but my selfishness took everything away.
JUNIOR catched me when things are falling apart
but after everything they've done for me
I still choose to be with U

Now, I realize....
how hard it is to love someone deeply..
How hard it is to fight for someone.
How hard it is to give up everything U have
just to spend time with someone unworthy....

MAGIC and JUNIOR helped me...
Love is like trading ur hundred years to live just to be with that person for a few minutes.
It's spending time with someone. Understanding someone. Caring for someone... and accepting that person and loving every bit of him/her.