Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Im done. I said i'm so free....
Free to do things on my own.
Free to live and love
Free to experience life.
I guess, I've learned my lesson..
I really need to make a choice...
If I was only brave enough to give you up before....
I might be happier now..
MAGIC gave me the world
but my selfishness took everything away.
JUNIOR catched me when things are falling apart
but after everything they've done for me
I still choose to be with U

Now, I realize....
how hard it is to love someone deeply..
How hard it is to fight for someone.
How hard it is to give up everything U have
just to spend time with someone unworthy....

MAGIC and JUNIOR helped me...
Love is like trading ur hundred years to live just to be with that person for a few minutes.
It's spending time with someone. Understanding someone. Caring for someone... and accepting that person and loving every bit of him/her.

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