Saturday, September 26, 2009


My world slows down but heart beats fast everytime I try to open my eyes
I don't know why I feel like im being poisoned
why do you have to tell me those crap?
Do u know how I feel?
It's like a poison that takes my breath away...
Well, How can we start something nice if we're surrounded with lies?
no more lies... no more love... no more goodbyes...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

swirly blits

life is a big party when you're young....
it may look cool to live in a nice place.
It may sound cool if u can afford to get all the things u want
and some people may even judge u that u don't need to work hard for something..
some may even say mean words...
but they don't know that behind the glamour and fame...
u're just like a parrot... living in a cage....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Im done. I said i'm so free....
Free to do things on my own.
Free to live and love
Free to experience life.
I guess, I've learned my lesson..
I really need to make a choice...
If I was only brave enough to give you up before....
I might be happier now..
MAGIC gave me the world
but my selfishness took everything away.
JUNIOR catched me when things are falling apart
but after everything they've done for me
I still choose to be with U

Now, I realize....
how hard it is to love someone deeply..
How hard it is to fight for someone.
How hard it is to give up everything U have
just to spend time with someone unworthy....

MAGIC and JUNIOR helped me...
Love is like trading ur hundred years to live just to be with that person for a few minutes.
It's spending time with someone. Understanding someone. Caring for someone... and accepting that person and loving every bit of him/her.


After so many lies.
After so many games.
After so many SH*T
After all many pain
It's time to know the truth..
Words are really not enough
because underneath all the things u've said and done...
Everything's getting clear now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeah Go!

U freakin B*tch!
I don't know whats wrong with you
I don't know why U hate me
I don't care 'bout ur phots
I don't care what the F*CK u're doing
Maybe you really don't have a breeding..
Just be careful!
I swear....U won't like it when I do something bad...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


After the storm, U came...
U showed me the best....
U gave me the world...
I felt like i'm a princess....
U may be younger than me... but U loved me differently...
U're the first person who catched me when I was about to fall..
U cried with me
U laughed with me...
and nevertheless... U loved me....
I was just so stupid to let u go...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Baby u're the closest thing to MAGIC...
I have loved someone before u, I have done things...etc.
But when u came, everything HAS CHANGED. U became my KANG JAE
arrogant, innocent, sweet, possessive, jealous type, gangster attitude, childish, etc.
but I felt MAGIC...

The moment I saw u in school, I felt something unexplainable..
The moment U asked for my number and texted me..
The moment u visited me in your cousins place and brought me chips ahoy
The moment U kissed my forehead and held my hand with your hands shaking
The moment U first wrapped ur arms around me. It was cold and I felt the ground...
That's the first time I've felt those things...
The moment U rescued me when I was crying...
The moment u asked me to spend time with u on ur birthday.
The moment u cooked food after we attended the sunday service.
The moment u posted a shoutout in ur friendster. "U're the one i've been waiting for and I couldn't ask for more"
and all the things u've shown me. I'm thankful...
I realized that i'm worth something...
Even the small things u've done for me... the complains whenever I don't say I love you too.
The warm hugs whenever u're driving.
The kisses even if there are people around us.
The food trips in the streets.
The jacket u let me wore while we were having coffee because it was really cold that time.
The roses u got from ur garden and putting a ribbon and perfume on it just to say that there's an effort.
the carrying of my purse, the lunch times we spent together
The mineral water u bought me in the gas station because I was so thirsty.
The juice u prepared for me
The warm hug when u saw me shaking like there's something wrong.
The demands like: baby! uwi na tayo!, asan ka na?! umuwi ka na! ah! walang i love u ah?!!!, etc.
U're the first person who allowed me feel that I also deserved to be loved.
The person who was once a player but changed for me
The person who really wanted me to meet his family.
The person who argues with me.
The person who was proud of me as his girl.
The person who stood for me.
The first guy who cried and who was brave enough to tell me: "gago ako kasi mahal na mahal kita kung alam mo lang pero hindi ko alam kung paano ipapakita dahil hindi ako nasanay ng ganun kaya nasasaktan kita" and I was shocked when he told me that that's the first time he cried for a girl, he gave something, etc. and even his friends and brothers were laughing because they got shocked when they saw him, a 6'2 guy crying.
The person who let me do things my own way.
I was shocked when I heard his brother and friends talking that I'm the first girl who met his family and who can go to their house anytime of the day. The first girl who made him cry. But unluckily, that love wasn't meant to last forever so after our break up, I heard from his cousin that her boyfriend borrowed my KANG JAE's LAPTOP and they were really surprised when they saw that the wall paper of his LAPTOP's still my picture....

U'll always be my KANG JAE.... JTP


It's really hard to look for a nice job nowadays,
college diploma isn't enough to prove your capabilities,
even people who already have job experiences can't find a nice job
suited for them... Ahh, what's wrong with the society?
Is it just really over populated? or there is really "politics"?
I don't know...

Friday, August 7, 2009

the more u push me.the more i step back

I always hear: "mag-apply ka na..magtrabaho ka na...etc.."
but infact, i'm really trying my best to look for a nice job.
SOmething i'll enjoy and something that wont take my life away from me..
i still want to spend time with my friends and family and have a good fun for my self..
im still young and I have palns for me...
it's just that I don't want to be pressured....
what they don't know is that" the more they push me...the more i step back"
i hate it when they're telling me what I should or should not do....
I know what I want and i'll do things my own way...
i'm not a robot to be controlled...i have a life...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

how soon is soon

Later... the question will be:"how soon is soon"....

I don't have any idea how long will it take...
but for sure, it's gonna be a long journey..
but I'll stick to my promise...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i wonder

There are nights when I wonder.... Am I really stupid? or i'm just brave enough to face that you're too good for me?
Thanks for catching me everytime I stumble and fall...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

GOOD night

A few days from now, he'll be leaving for DXB. His flight is on Friday, August 7. MNL-HK-DXB. I don't know how long he'll be staying there but one thing's for sure... I'll miss him...