Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Baby u're the closest thing to MAGIC...
I have loved someone before u, I have done things...etc.
But when u came, everything HAS CHANGED. U became my KANG JAE
arrogant, innocent, sweet, possessive, jealous type, gangster attitude, childish, etc.
but I felt MAGIC...

The moment I saw u in school, I felt something unexplainable..
The moment U asked for my number and texted me..
The moment u visited me in your cousins place and brought me chips ahoy
The moment U kissed my forehead and held my hand with your hands shaking
The moment U first wrapped ur arms around me. It was cold and I felt the ground...
That's the first time I've felt those things...
The moment U rescued me when I was crying...
The moment u asked me to spend time with u on ur birthday.
The moment u cooked food after we attended the sunday service.
The moment u posted a shoutout in ur friendster. "U're the one i've been waiting for and I couldn't ask for more"
and all the things u've shown me. I'm thankful...
I realized that i'm worth something...
Even the small things u've done for me... the complains whenever I don't say I love you too.
The warm hugs whenever u're driving.
The kisses even if there are people around us.
The food trips in the streets.
The jacket u let me wore while we were having coffee because it was really cold that time.
The roses u got from ur garden and putting a ribbon and perfume on it just to say that there's an effort.
the carrying of my purse, the lunch times we spent together
The mineral water u bought me in the gas station because I was so thirsty.
The juice u prepared for me
The warm hug when u saw me shaking like there's something wrong.
The demands like: baby! uwi na tayo!, asan ka na?! umuwi ka na! ah! walang i love u ah?!!!, etc.
U're the first person who allowed me feel that I also deserved to be loved.
The person who was once a player but changed for me
The person who really wanted me to meet his family.
The person who argues with me.
The person who was proud of me as his girl.
The person who stood for me.
The first guy who cried and who was brave enough to tell me: "gago ako kasi mahal na mahal kita kung alam mo lang pero hindi ko alam kung paano ipapakita dahil hindi ako nasanay ng ganun kaya nasasaktan kita" and I was shocked when he told me that that's the first time he cried for a girl, he gave something, etc. and even his friends and brothers were laughing because they got shocked when they saw him, a 6'2 guy crying.
The person who let me do things my own way.
I was shocked when I heard his brother and friends talking that I'm the first girl who met his family and who can go to their house anytime of the day. The first girl who made him cry. But unluckily, that love wasn't meant to last forever so after our break up, I heard from his cousin that her boyfriend borrowed my KANG JAE's LAPTOP and they were really surprised when they saw that the wall paper of his LAPTOP's still my picture....

U'll always be my KANG JAE.... JTP

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